Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'm a Daiso virgin no more!

Yesterday I told you the tale of my experience at 
The Bone Room in Berkeley, CA. It was a wondrous experience.
Before my friends and I made it to the mecca of bones, we 
arrived at the largest scrap booking store in the bay area, 
Scrapbook Territory.
My friends have told me about this store for years, and that I just had to 
check it out. When we planned this trip we were expecting to spend a small fortune,
but the night before we left we found out that ST was closing, and were currently
selling everything at 50% off. We were two weeks late for the start of this
sad sale, but we were hopeful that there was still some inventory to peruse.
Since I had never been to the store I had no idea what I was missing, but my
friends were horribly disappointed. The shelves we nearly bare. Like one sheet
of 12 x 12 paper left of 20 designs, a smattering of May Arts ribbons, and 
random odds and ends. Now if we were in the market for counter tops and storage 
for our craft rooms we would have been in luck. They were selling 8 ft long
by 6 ft tall shelves for 12 x 12 paper for $20, and tons of other displays
for dirt cheap.

I did manage to grab these Leavenworth Jackson stamps for 50% off,
but see now that I was charged for the credit payment I was told didn't go through,
so I paid cash. Still waiting for a call back on that one.  

My friend, MacKenzie's husband is half Japanese, and her sister-in-law was with us
so we were destined to go to Japantown in San Francisco to get special Japanese
goodies. After we stopped at a couple of bakeries, book stores, and had a wonderful 
noodle lunch in the Japantown mall, we went to the Daiso store.   

Daiso is like the Dollar Store, but better. 
Everything is pretty much $1.50, but such a bargain!

Always need those rings and who can pass up glittery polish and
a green eraser frog? 

The critter erasers came three to a pack, the glass bottles are perfect for my
apothecary collection, the paper flowers were really pretty, and I am always on the 
lookout for a good white paint pen. Not bad for $1.50. 

They had a glorious selection of nail polishes. 

And I'm always a sucker for DIY organization. I bought some cool
metal trays that fit perfectly on the side of my Sam's Club carts for 
extra storage. And I scored on some white ramen bowls. I have been wanting
some of those for months now. I eventually want all white dinnerware, so it
looks like another trip to Japantown is imminent. I'll be sure to take more pictures
next time. 
That's it for today. 
Thanks for stopping by.  

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  1. looks like you got some really nice deals there! those tiny bottles look so cute :-)


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