Monday, November 25, 2013

Grown women do not smell doll baby heads

Not really a fan, nor was I ever, even as a child.
But, I have found a way to make them cool, and fun to create with,
now that I am too old to actually play with them.

I like to alter dolls. Well, not the entire doll, but rather, just the head.
This one received some silver metallic paint, a wash of black paint,
 and a generous coating of Tim Holtz Rock Candy Crackle Paint.

This one got a cool mohawk made of nails.
Then he got a coat of black gesso and some dry brushing
with bronze, metallic paint.

I was invited to share my doll head tutorial with you on the 
Tuts and Comments technique tutorial blog today.  
I've missed playing with my former RSD teammates, that
make up part of the Tuts and Comments DT, as well.
Such an immensely talented bunch.

Would you like to make a cool doll head of your very own?
Ready? Let's begin.

First, choose your doll head.
I like to liberate mine from my local thrift store.
I usually choose the ones that no one would want, even if it was free.
I don't like to alter perfectly good dolls. The more damaged the doll, the better 
the altered creation/soul in the end.  

I am usually drawn to the eyes. Some dolls have beautiful eyes. 
I like the dolls with the "sleepy eyes". The kind that close when they lie down.

I try to stay away from dolls with synthetic hair. It's hard to remove entirely.
And then if and when, you do remove all of the hair, there are all the holes to deal with.
I prefer bald baby dolls.

After choosing your doll, begin the altering process.
This time around, I am going to alter the dolls using polymer clay.
I have sculpted a horn directly onto this doll.

This little guy is going to be a faun, complete with horns and ears. 
I even added a bit of a snout after this photo was taken.
Shhhhh! He's sleepin'.

And this doll is going to be a fine, Steampunk themed, gentleman.
I see a top hat and monocle in his future.

Once you have completed your clay accessories, you are ready to bake your polymer clay. 
I left these on the dolls in the hopes that they would bake right onto their heads, 
without melting their little faces. I popped the single horn off of the doll and baked it by itself.
For no particular reason, other than if it melted I'd be completely sunk with no doll heads
whatsoever, for this tutorial.
Luckily, no doll heads or eyes were melted in this project.

Everyone is baked, and I have glued the single horn onto the doll using Super Glue.
 I have also added glue to all of the pieces on the dolls just to be 
sure they aren't going anywhere.

Everyone receives a coat of gesso. This is also essential in painting
over the Super Glue. Otherwise, it tends to show even when painted.
Ask me how I know this.

I mixed some resin sand with some yellow ochre acrylic paint.
I like to add the base color to my mediums to save myself a step.
It's also helpful in getting the color into all the nooks and crannies. 

I added the resin sand in a specific pattern on my doll head.
Specific to me, and no one else. I wanted a two-toned head and this worked.

Once the resin sand is completely dry (best if left overnight), I start
painting the doll head using acrylic paints.

I love the contrast between the orange and the turquoise blue.
I added small dots to help blend the transition from the textured head,
to the smooth face. 

I added some burnt umber wash to the horn to tone down the brightness,
and to bring out the texture.

That's pretty much it. I will add a coat of sealer to protect the 
finish, and possibly fashion a collar of some sort for this guy.
Otherwise, it's on to the next doll head. 

Have fun, and remember to keep it creepy!


  1. Ooooh, I love the silver crackle head! Thanks for sharing this tutorial! :)

  2. I'm AMAZED that their little heads didn't melt. Love, love, LOVE them, especially the faun. Can't wait til he's done. Love the orange and turquoise and how you've eased the transition of the hair. Fabulous tut. Now I've got to get up the nerve to try one. xxD

  3. Amazing tutorial. How come the dolls heads don't melt? x

  4. Utterly stunning - I LUV these. Such a brilliant idea. I adore the little Faun head :-D
    IKE xxx

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  5. Loooove your tutorial! Great ideas. Wondering if you just followed the baking time even with the doll heads or you left them a bit less so they don't melt. I want to find some... haven't done it yet but just love the idea of transforming one. Keep on with the great creations!

  6. OMG I love the doll with the mo-hawk, gave me a little thrill chill!! Awesome tutorial, I must give this a try. Fabulously creepy:-)

  7. Wow, wow wow!!! Love these dolls! Saw this on the RSD Tuts blog, thanks so much!!! Defo have to have a go, just in time for Creepmas too! :) Mo xxx


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