Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jenn!!!

Since entering this blogging world , full of creative and supportive folks,
I haven't met anyone quite as nice, and caring, and genuine, as Jenn Borjeson.
Don't get me wrong, I've met tons of super friendly and uber creative people here, 
but Jenn is so sweet, she'll make your freakin' teeth hurt! 

She runs the Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge and she also
manages to create for multiple DTs, and she even finds time to make cool stuff
just for herself. Which she then sends to her friends to brighten their day. 
Today is Jenn's birthday, and I just wanted to say, 
"Thank you for being such a wicked pissah of a friend!!!!"
Love you, Jenn!!!


  1. Ha! How unbelievably awesome are you? I am so honored and amazed to have such wonderful friends. Glo, I'm so glad our paths crossed. And you know I am not ALWAYS that sweet, now, come on.... hee hee :) I love you MUCHO, my friend. Thank you for this. :)


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