Friday, June 22, 2012

Lots of dots

It's Friday, and that means another fun challenge
This week's theme is dots.

I colored this little guy up in what is my current favorite
color scheme of teal and orange. The purples and the greens
are just extra colorful goodness.
I love working with Megan's images. 

His official name is "framed bat ghoul",
but I'm going to call him "Steve". 

In the past Megan had asked where we hang her artwork that we
purchase from her. Here is where.

And another one here.

And then the peacock feather painting hangs perfectly next to my
husband's least favorite mirror. But it's got peacock feathers on it!
This will work until I happen upon the perfect frames for these paintings. 

This is actually scaled way back for the picture. Usually there is an
over abundance of tchotchkes and cool schtuff all over this mantle.
Just wait until September.


  1. Your coloring is flippin' insane. I feel like tossing my Copics. Nver will I beable to do that. Gorgeous collection of Megan's fab artwork. xxD

  2. What a fantastic card. Love the colors and the coloring is amazing. Great highlights and shadows. Wonderful job. It is nice to see where you have Megans Art displayed. Totally Cool.


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