Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Entering the home stretch

I am finally starting to get into the spirit of the season.
At least a little bit anyway.
I got to do some more shopping and am feeling
even better since I found out we don't have to go anywhere
or entertain anyone on Christmas Day! Yippee!!
I am all for sitting around the fire playing our (yet to be opened)
Nightmare Before Xmas Jenga game and taking a
neccesary nap  from sipping too much hot chocolate
laced with 100 proof Peppermint Schnapps.

Oh! I made some cards. Wanna see?

My neighbor, Connie has been keeping my family well
stocked with cookies and the most amazing Pomegranate
jelly and syrup! I had to make her a card to thank her for
sharing the sweets! 

This handsome fellow is Duncan from
Loving him!!!

I am really digging the color scheme on this one!
Brrr! So frosty!!

This cutie is a great digi image from

Lastly, is my favorite of the bunch.

I found an image via Google of this
amazing bloody nosed reindeer by the uber talented
Mad Creator himself, Gris Grimly

I admire his art immensely!
And he's not hard on the eyes either!


  1. Mint hot chocolate with a kick, now that is my kind of hot chocolate! Loving your cards they are brilliant, all of them are so different but superb x

  2. Lovely card for your neighbour :-)
    The Bear is just adorable and that is a FAB card.
    My fave also is the Reindeer. I am going over now to scope him out !!! Wouldn't mind his Creator in my stocking at Chrimbo either !!!! :-D :-D xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Sweet monster! Loving the bloody reindeer :))

  4. oooosh! you're right, he is a bit yummy!!!! he can be my christmas present please! xx

  5. yummy is right! i am loving all these cards you make!!


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