Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who's a busy beaver?!

I have been running around like a chicken
with it's head lopped off! When it rains it pours,
both literally and figuratively.
Seems that everyone has been waiting until to June to do ,
well anything! I'm only five days into June and I have
already participated in an awesome Skull Appreciation hop,
celebrated three birthdays, my shop is sponsoring
this month's challenges over at Smeared and Smudged, 
getting ready for a big craft show next weekend, and let's not
forget creating all of my wares to sell!
My husband helped me bring my coffin shaped
jewelry displays to life. I think these are gonna
look so cool with all of my earrings and schtuff
hanging off of them.

I hit the cherub jackpot last week at the thrift store,
and now I have a set of three cherub statues and some
other cherubic ornaments to zombify.

I want to create some more small sculptures for the
craft show, but I have coffin plaques, brain jewelry,
and snowflake skull ornaments to work on.
Never enough hours or stamina in one day!

So, if you don't hear from me for a while,
it's because I am busy trying to make schtuff
to sell to make some moolah next week!!!

I'll post again if I make anything cool. 


  1. Can't wait to see some pics from the craft fair and your new creations x

  2. Awesome! Good luck with the show, sell lots!!!

  3. Cool! Have fun! I know your creations will be popular, and I hope you arrive back home a Bazillionaire!


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