Sunday, February 6, 2011

A bit of the Manor

My amazing Aunt Madelyne is the executor of my Grandparent's
estate (Marcom Manor), and it is her job, among many others, to dole out bits
of their belongings to the rest of the family as mementos. 
I had some certain items that I wanted more than anything else,
like the stuffed iguana playing the harp.

I have always been fascinated with the guy ever since I was a
wee tot. I am thrilled to have him in my home now.
I am collecting seasonal headgear for him for all of the holidays. 

This is an amazing painting of a werewolf, that used to hang in the
"blue bedroom" at my Grandparent's Victorian home in Texas.

This is a painting of my Grandmother, Gloria.
She used to have her own magic act that she performed from a coffin.
Her stage name was "Vampira" and this pose was from one of
her publicity stills.
I also recently received a box of books from my Grandparent's home.
My Grandparents liked to travel abroad and attend
magic conventions and tour castles and enjoy a pint or two.
They had quite a collection of books about the local yore from
Scotland and Ireland and England.
I also got quite a few Edward Gorey books
(that I didn't already have) including a copy of
"Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" by T.S. Eliot with art by Edward Gorey.
This copy was given to my Grandma from my Grandpa
for Xmas 1987, when they returned from London
after seeing the stage production of "CATS", which is based on that book.
There is a sweet inscription and a drawing inside which is just priceless to me.  
I am so fortunate to have these things to cherish and admire in my own home.

And yet, I still find the need to add more schtuff to my ever growing
menagerie of oddities and collectibles.

Like this....  

After almost 25 years of being together, I have finally got
my husband conditioned and trained to scour out obscure items
at flea markets and thrift shops.
He has quite the eye for the odd - he found me didn't he?

This is my first inkwell. It is not however, my first cloven hoof item.
I also have a couple of cloven hoof/fore leg flasks from Mexico. 
They're cool, but this inkwell is the schiznit! I LOVE it! It is in excellent
condition and even has the quill
(is it still called a quill if it doesn't have feathers?)
or pen to got with it. The internal glass is intact and perfect! SCORE!

I wonder if my son with be half as thrilled when he inherits all of my 
bizarre crap.  


  1. Love the oddities that you collect. My husband inherited a stuffed frog playing a guitar sitting on top of a turtle. We also ( more like my husband ) collect strange things he has a few skulls and some other strange things. Our daughter lives to be the owner of his collection some day. LOL...... Awesome collection.

  2. Wow that is so fantastic to have a piece of your grandparents weird cool collection. They are all fantastic, love the paintings though they are pretty spectacular x

  3. You received alot of interesting things. Pretty cool stuff. The Iguana kind of bothers me a bit as I had one as a pet. Cool that you are collecting hats for him though.

  4. Oh WOW! What a treasure trove! Can I come visit? That iguana is the coolest EVER! xxD


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