Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mister Fancy Pants

I just adore this image from The Doodle Factory! I have had him colored in for a few months now and just couldn't figure out how to use him. I thought the "fancy pants" sentiment was cute and I just reused a card I made at a workshop that I didn't particularly care for, and viola, a new card!
My DH keeps trying to get me to sell my cards in the next yard sale to make some money. He just doesn't understand that I make my cards to give away and I don't like putting a price on my creativity, but then again, we are going to need money to move in a few months. I'm still purging for my big yard sale and I am being a big girl and parting with some crafting supplies and even some Hello Kitty stuff, so that's a pretty big deal already. What the hey, might as well throw some cards into the mix huh?

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  1. Too Friggin Cute!!!! I get first pick, I get first pick to pick thru your stuff!!!! I'm assuming you already knew that though!
    XOXO Curse


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