Monday, June 15, 2009

Da Bears!!

A friend of mine requested a "specialized" (said with an affectionate lisp) card for her dad for Father's Day. Since her dad Russ, is a huge Chicago Bears fan, that seemed like the obvious choice for his card.
I found some really cool images online and antiqued them to give the card a vintage feel. The more modern images were too garish and difficult to plan a card around (for me anyway).
I ended up with so much ephemera (my BIG word for the day) that I made a back up card for her just in case she really didn't care for the first one.
This one turned out a bit cleaner and just neater in general. Not bad for my first football cards.
I even decorated the inside which I usually overlook with most of my other cards.

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  1. Very cool....Good Job!!!! This is Curse by the way....someday I'll make it so I don't have to be anonymous....


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